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POSTED BY admin Tuesday 23rd October 10:48

World Champion. 50k. The hard Way.

Xempo runner Steve Way, has just returned from Italy where he was representing England in the IAU World 50k Trophy.  It turned out rather well for him.  We are extremely proud of his achievement which is not only richly deserved, but incredibly hard earned.  Check out Steve’s training in the run up to the race on his website !!

Below we have reproduced Steve’s race report in his own words.  Enjoy.

IAU World 50k Trophy Final 2012

The first thing I noticed after we had arrived at the hotel on Friday and went for a jog along the course route was the heat and the wind.
It was about midday so the exact time things were going to be getting tough on race day (race start at 10am!) and it seemed a bit of a daunting prospect. I wasn’t that disappointed though as this event was always going to be more about racing than a personal time trial and if I had to forget about the time goals then so be it. Everyone was going to have to deal with the conditions and to be honest if it turned into a endurance battle then it may improve my chances of positioning well considering a number of the guys on paper had better raw speed than me.
Looking at the entry list before hand the competitors who on paper had the raw speed advantage over me were Collen Makaza (ZIM) who was the 2010 50K World Trophy in 2:48 (2:15 marathon PB/63 Half) , my good friend Paul (2:16 Full / 65 Half) and the USA 50k Champ Joe Gray (63 Half). The defending champion from Kenya had not made the start line as he had visa issues apparently.

Anyway, better get on with the race report! Paul and I went for our usual 12min jog 4 hrs before the race and then we all made our way down to the course start at around 9am. The course was a simple out and back route along the prom with the total distance for each “loop” being 6.25km, no opportunity for Paul to get lost on this one ;-)
The start and finish line was around 3-400m up from the westerly turn-around point and here we all were ready to go!

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POSTED BY admin Friday 19th October 11:49

BBC SPOTY…..oh, who cares?

So it’s mid-October, and just as surely as the Argos Christmas ads on the telly begin, and the “seasonal” aisle opens up in your local Tesco, that other tedious annual debate kicks off about two months too early.  Who is going to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year?


The next SPOTY presenter?

This daft obsession with comparing which sporting performance should outrank which other from a different sport has surely become about as relevant in this day and age as Jedward’s latest autobiography.  Like the 17th series of Big Brother, surely it’s time to smother a pillow over it’s head and put this back-slapping shindig out of it’s misery.

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